Topic, "Energy Issues"

At 7PM on Wednesday 4 November, at Taste, in College Park, we'll have a fascinating discussion for you.

Dr. Michael Hampton is a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Director of Interdisciplinary Studies. He has been a UCF faculty member since 1981. He also has worked in the Materials Testing Branch of Kennedy Space Center as a Materials Engineer for NASA. He is also currently Deputy Editor-in-Chief, "International Journal for Alternative Fuel and Ecology", and holds an appointment at the Florida Solar Energy Center. His research is in the area of hydrogen storage, sensing, purification and separation, and production. He works with scientists in the former Soviet Union funding for peaceable research.


717 W. Smith Street
Orlando, United States

Taste is near the corner of Princeton Street (really Smith Street after the fork) and Edgewater Drive, so about 2 minutes from I-4 to parking. One can park on the street or in the parking lot behind Taste.

From I-4, drive a few blocks to Edgewater Drive. At the intersection, you should see a orange building ahead of you, labeled "Taste". Park on the street or behind Taste.