Topic, "Eat the Weeds"

Hi. This month we will have a fascinating, unusual speaker at Cafe Sci at 7PM on Wednesday 3 November, at Taste, in College Park.

"Green Deane" is a speaker Chad has been eager to book for a while. Deane Jordan is a popular Youtube figure, engaging explainer, expert in the flora around us in Central Florida, and reviver of nearly-forgotten wisdom about plants. His web site and advocacy have the same name, "Eat the Weeds".

In online videos, and in his foraging classes that he gives somewhat regularly, he describes how many of the plants around us are worthy of far more than visual appreciation or herbicide. After a while with Green Deane, one will probably know how to identify plants safe to consume, and to make salads, teas, and breads from the materials in one's back yard.


717 W. Smith Street
Orlando, United States

Taste is near the corner of Princeton Street (really Smith Street after the fork) and Edgewater Drive, so about 2 minutes from I-4 to parking. One can park on the street or in the parking lot behind Taste.

From I-4, drive a few blocks to Edgewater Drive. At the intersection, you should see a orange building ahead of you, labeled "Taste". Park on the street or behind Taste.