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Topic, "The Science of Teamwork: What Effective Teams Do, Think, and Feel"

Hi. This month we will have a fascinating discussion at our Cafe Sci at 7PM on Wednesday 6 February, at Taste, in College Park.

Teamwork has become a way of life in many industries, agencies, and organizations. But, what do we know about teamwork, team leaders, and team effectiveness after decades of research? Professor Salas will highlight what we know about the science and practice of teamwork and team leadership. The talk will provide HR executives, managers and practitioners with valuable practical insights about what contributes to team effectiveness in organizations.

Eduardo Salas is University Trustee Chair and Pegasus Professor of Psychology at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He also holds an appointment as Program Director for Human Systems Integration Research Department at UCF’s Institute for Simulation & Training. Previously, he was a Senior Research Psychologist and Head of the Training Technology Development Branch of NAVAIR-Orlando for 15 years.


717 W. Smith Street
Orlando, United States

Taste is near the corner of Princeton Street (really Smith Street after the fork) and Edgewater Drive, so about 2 minutes from I-4 to parking. One can park on the street or in the parking lot behind Taste.

From I-4, drive a few blocks to Edgewater Drive. At the intersection, you should see a orange building ahead of you, labeled "Taste". Park on the street or behind Taste.